Thursday, April 25, 2024
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Tasty hot dog machine

Enterprising 24-year-old Jake Martin who creates a pop-up hot dog stand from a Royal Enfield solo and trailer is keen as mustard when it comes to serving grub at motorcycle events and dealer days.

Based at Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, he can cope with a 50-mile radius on his Watsonian-Squire trailer hauling 500cc single.

A trained sausage maker and baker, he lost his job and was in danger of having to sell his Indian-built “British” single until he came up with “The Sausage Dog” idea a year ago. He mounts his sales counter across the bike which provides a stylish and relevant frontage for bike events.

Contact The Sausage Dog on 07580 089400
[email protected].

Pictured is Jake Martin with his tasty Royal Enfield-based hot dog stand


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