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TGB Taiwan has announced that Dualways Limited has been appointed as its ATV distributor for the UK and Ireland.

TGB manufactures ATVs and scooters and has its headquarters and primary production facilities in Taiwan.

The TGB ATV range includes models from 425cc to 1000cc. With dealer and customer support networks in more than 50 countries, the TGB ATV range has already hit the mark with European riders, and boasts class-leading sales in Germany and France.

Dualways operates from a 51,000sq.ft warehouse and office facility in the Midlands. The company directors have more than 30 years’ combined experience in the ATV import and distribution industry and maintains a team of experienced dealer support staff and specialist technicians.

In 2016, Dualways will be investing heavily in the further development of the TGB brand via a combination of both traditional and online advertising. Eventure, an experienced online marketing agency, has been appointed to develop and implement the TGB awareness campaign alongside the new TGB ATV website.

Eventure’s TGB account manager, Stuart Gordon commented: “We are very excited about the opportunity to work with both Dualways and TGB on the development of the brand and also the online communication, end user experience and dealer support technologies.

“We are developing a combined traditional and online campaign that will have outstanding reach.

“The beauty of working with a brand and range like TGB is the quality and performance already stand out from the crowd. Our challenge is simply to let people know the products are available and fully supported by a strong dealer network with top level warranty and aftersales support.”

TGB’s new sales director, Henry Maplethorpe, said: “I have been in the ATV industry for a long time and have always followed TGB`s development and products very closely. They are, and always have been, a company that paves the way with new technologies and products to suit market trends.

“We are very excited to be working with TGB and we are keen to mirror the success that the brand has achieved throughout the world.

“We will be working closely with the existing UK TGB ATV dealer network and aim to appoint new dealers as, when and where the market and brand develops.

“We remain in close contact with HQB, the previous TGB distributor. HQB’s knowledge of the products and the dealer network will ensure a smooth transition period. This ongoing relationship will also allow for continued dealer support for all TGB ATVs currently in the UK.”

HQB managing director Richard Johnson said: “Whenever there is a change in distributor for a range of products there is bound to be concern among the existing dealers and those members of the public who have purchased them. We are committed to making sure that the transition of TGB’s distribution arrangements from HQB to Dualways is smooth and without detriment to any existing stakeholders. The agreed transfer of all warranty responsibility, spare parts and residual TGB machine stocks from HQB to Dualways is important, and this is being actioned to coincide with the new marketing arrangements.

“We wish Dualways and TGB good luck.”

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