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The future of motorcycle dealer communication

The national lock down restrictions have taught us all many things in the past eight or nine weeks, One area that will need particular business forward focus is communication.  Social distancing is going to be with us for the foreseeable future and all retail business will have to adapt, change and find new ways of interacting and doing business.

Step forward, Viidi Bike, the video communication tool designed for motorcycle dealers.

Viidi Bike’s team with over 40 years main dealer and OEM experience within the automotive and motorcycle industries, understands that motorcycle retail and servicing will now be more physically distant and will require a different approach to build and sustain relationships. Viidi Bikes specialise in personal video for sales, merchandising and aftersales electronic vehicle health check.

“We have a passion for people and motorcycles and understand the needs now required to enable dealers to communicate and transact business with their customers, new and old. Set up is quick and easy and dealers can be live and sending videos in a bespoke landing page within 24 hours. Video is already a proven technology in the automotive industry which delivers incredible engagement and remarkable increases in all areas. With no contract, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. It is time to stand out from the competition” said a very enthused Toby Webb, director of Viidi Bike.

You can use your own hardware and it is as easy as downloading from the Apple app store. 

The requirement for servicing and repairs has never been greater. Overdue maintenance, as well as expiring warranties during your lockdown closure will be adding to your customers anxiety and need. The challenge now is how to maximise the opportunities available.  Sales will benefit from the ability to show and create video presentations of motorcycles. Engaging customers through selling the dealership, the salesperson’s personality, and ultimately the product. The way we are now going to business will be based on service, trust, and transparency in preference to price.

Viidi Bikes can also assist your sales teams to market new model offers, finance renewals, clothing, and helmet offers.

Imagine if you could send a video message to all your customers of a virtual walk around of your dealership, highlighting your new social distancing measures and revised customer experience process.

As your new motorcycle video solutions provider, our team will assist all dealers with remote support and account management with unlimited remote training to assist with maximising opportunities. We can also supply onsite sales and aftersales training upon request.

Please feel free to call or email if you would like to discuss adding value to your business and profitability.  Early bird offers are available to all new customers, with free dealer set-up and training throughout May courtesy of Viidi Bike and British Dealer News.

View the Viidi Bikes demonstration here

website , email [email protected] or call our team on 01243 933613



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