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the health side of health and safety

The government’s Health and Safety Laboratory says it is now widely recognised that occupational disease causes far more harm in Great Britain than accidents relating to safety failings. Good quality risk assessments for health-related issues are central to effective health-risk management.

However, there is often less confidence and understanding among general health and safety practitioners when it comes to the ‘health’ side of health and safety. For that reasons the laboratory is to run a course designed to help the general H&S practitioner better understand the ‘invisible’ risks associated with hazardous substances, noise and vibration and aims to provide a more confident approach to these issues.

The course – at the Health & Safety Laboratory in the spa town of Buxton in Derbyshire, and costing £450 – will explain how to conduct risk assessments to meet legal requirements. More importantly, the course will explain how risk assessment should fit into an overall risk management programme. We aim to debunk the myth that risk assessment is a pointless, bureaucratic burden by showing that effective actions to reduce harm, and protect the health of workers, should all flow from an effective risk assessment process.
What the course will cover
Risk assessment to meet the requirements of:
•    The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations
•    The Control of Noise at Work Regulations
•    The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations
•    The role of risk assessment in effective health risk management:
•    How to identify health risks
•    How to prioritise action
•    How to ensure effectiveness of risk assessment
Who should attend
Anyone responsible for managing health and safety risks in the workplace.

01298 218806 / [email protected]

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