Friday, June 14, 2024


Tuffmap founder Roy O’Hara died suddenly on Sunday 25 January. A Liverpudlian and life-long motorcycle enthusiast, he was originally a plumber until his own touring experience led to the simple but clever idea of plastic-laminated — and therefore waterproof and almost indestructible — road maps specifically for bikers.

A business was born and many people in the trade will have fond memories of Roy for his tremendous sense of humour and assiduous promotion of Tuffmap products. To the great amusement of all, he once donned a full suit of medieval armour and clanked around the NEC bike show to attract footfall onto his stand. However, Tuffmap’s success was relatively short-lived. It was brought to an end when Roy’s main distributor quite notoriously copied his concept and replaced it with an own-brand version. Without the resources to seek a legal remedy, he just had to swallow the inevitable consequence.

Following the demise of his Tuffmap enterprise, Roy’s born-again Christianity began to play an ever-greater importance in his life. He studied at Regents Theological College and became a part-time pastor on the Isle of Man, where he had lived for several years. And then, after moving to Congleton in the UK, he met and married Tina in 2008. Together, they subsequently produced two fine children. British Dealer News staff, who are proud to have been Roy’s friends, would like to convey their heart-felt condolences to the young family he has left behind.

Roy O’Hara’s funeral service will take place at 11am on 14 February in the New Life Church, West Road, Congleton, Cheshire. All are welcome to this joyful celebration of his life. His wife asks that black should only be worn by those attending on motorcycles — as in black leather.


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