Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Tougher speeding fines

A new regime of speeding fines came into effect today. Offenders can be fined 150% of their weekly earnings, up to a maximum of £2500, far more than the previous common fine of £100.

The top level fine will be for people driving on the motorway, where the risks are most severe. Those who drive above the speed limit elsewhere could be fined £1000.

The Sentencing Council introduced the change because it felt the current punishments did not reflect the “potential harm” that speeding can do.

Sentencing guidelines are set out in the table above but magistrates will have the ability to adjust what punishment is dealt based on “aggravating factors” including previous convictions and weather conditions.

In 2015, 166,695 people in England and Wales were sentenced for speeding with the average fine £188.

The maximum fines will stay the same, but higher fines are likely to be applied more with the new guidelines.


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