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Triumph dirt bikes – all to be revealed soon!

Despite being rumoured since pre-Covid times, we’re finally closer to finding out what Triumph’s off-road range is going to be like, and hopefully there will be a launch by the autumn of this year.

The new motocross and enduro bikes have reached prototype stage with the help of motocross legend Ricky Carmichael and enduro and Dakar Rally stalwart Ivan Cervantes respectively. Triumph chief product officer Steve Sargent confirms: “We’ve got prototype bikes running around on test. We use our own riders as well as the stars, but it’s vitally important to have had those guys involved in various stages of the project because they have the experience, and they know what they’re talking about. It’s a nice confirmation for us to get them to ride what our guys have come up with and have them say that we’re in the right place. There are also some top-level British riders involved but, as they say,  all will be revealed at the launch”.

According to Sargent, the off-road range will be kept within the existing dealer network. “The key thing is that it is a full range of bikes. We’ve seen people trying to come into the off-road world with a fairly limited offering and we don’t think that works. If you’re going to do this, you’ve got to do it properly. From a dealer perspective there’s a certain amount of investment that needs to go into developing an off-road offering, so there has to be the business opportunity available.”

Sargent accepts that not every existing Triumph dealer is going to be best placed to take on a full off-road range. “I think that in the UK we’ve got enough coverage with the existing dealer network. We have dealers in the right locations, near to where the big off-road dealers are. There won’t be any need for a separate network.”

When asked whether a potential new Rally model might have more cross-over appeal for the road-bike dealers, Sargent had this to say: “The Rally Race scene is something that is quite high profile, and the work done in developing the enduro and motocross bikes can be stretched into that arena. There’s still work to be done to produce a dedicated Rally bike but at least we’re not starting from scratch.”

That’s just as well then! So hopefully we can expect a Rally bike based on the enduro platform, which is a dedicated competition machine. We look forward to the big reveal.


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