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TT trophies stolen in National Museum break-in

Thieves have broken into the National Motorcycle Museum and stolen a large number of trophies and TT replicas. The museum is offering a reward for information leading to their return.

The break-in occurred at around 11pm yesterday (27 August).

All the trophy cabinets in the inner foyer were smashed, causing substantial damage to the displays. Many of the trophies and TT replicas have little “scrap” value but are unique and irreplaceable as part of this country’s motorcycling heritage.

Because of the historical importance of these trophies the museum will be offering a substantial award of £20,000 for information which leads to the safe recovery of these important artefacts.

Anyone with any relevant information is asked to contact West Midlands Police or the National Motorcycle Museum on 01675 443311 or e-mail Museum Director James Hewing [email protected]
The museum has re-opened as normal this morning.


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