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ULEZ expansion gets the go-ahead

Transport for London and London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, have confirmed that the capital’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) will be extended in August 2023. The zone currently covers the area inside the North and South Circular roads, but will expand to cover all of Greater London, meaning almost all the area inside the M25 will be part of the ULEZ.

Petrol cars and vans older than 2006, and diesel cars and vans built before 2015 will have to pay a £12.50 charge per day, and for bikes, the rules apply to pre-Euro 3 emissions-compliant bikes. That means machines built from 2007 onwards are permitted, but older bikes will pay the same £12.50 charge. Some earlier bikes are actually compliant as built, and testing centres like Riverside Motorcycles in Bow issue compliance certificates for older machines, even cleaning up older machines’ emissions with aftermarket catalysts.

The aim of the ULEZ – originally planned by Boris Johnson when he was Mayor – is to improve air quality inside London, particularly levels of nitrogen oxides, which have been linked to serious health problems. But riders’ rights groups have pointed out that there are minimal ‘real-world’ urban emissions, even from older motorcycles.


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