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ulez will 'create wasteland of worthless PTWs'

A leading insurance broker has voiced fears that the poorest members of the biking community could face an annual bill of £3250 in charges to enter the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in 

The estimate is based on bikers travelling into London for five working days each week of the year.

Carole Nash says bikers will spend tens of millions of pounds on the charges over the next 12 months, estimating their own customers will fork out £9.27 million alone.

The ULEZ was introduced to London’s streets in April, with road users, including London’s 55,000 motorcyclists, potentially susceptible to the £12.50 daily charge in an attempt to reduce pollution in the capital.

Rebecca C, head of marketing at Carole Nash, said: “While we understand the aim of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, there is no hiding the fact that it is punishing those with older bikes, many of whom cannot afford to upgrade to a newer model. We would recommend that Transport for London seeks alternative and more positive ways to reduce pollution, perhaps by providing financial assistance or incentives to get a new bike.

“This is an issue that directly affects almost 3000 of our customers who currently live in the zone but have a pre-2007 bike insured with us. There are many benefits of owning an older vehicle and we want to help those who do not necessarily have the financial resources to buy a brand-new motorcycle.”

Supporting Carole Nash’s efforts to give bikers greater access to more information and resources around the charge, The Bike Shed’s Dutch Van Someren added: “As a father of young kids, I agree that London has a serious pollution problem that needs addressing, but TfL’s one-size fits-all approach to pricing and targeting all vehicles by age unfairly penalises motorcycle riders, whose efficient journeys actually alleviate congestion and pollution.

“Motorcycles and scooters not only produce unmeasurably low levels of pollution by Transport for London’s own figures, almost none produces the toxic NOx fumes that TfL is targeting.”

Considering the issues of wastage and other viable alternative policies, Van Someren continued: “TfL’s policy will create a wasteland of worthless two-wheeled vehicles, losing their owners many thousands of pounds in lost value, forcing them to buy new vehicles, which they can ill-afford. In countries like Sweden, there are tax breaks available when you repair old appliances and equipment rather than buy new.”

Meanwhile, Carole Nash is seeking to reassure those who may be unable to upgrade their vehicles due to the cost of more modern bikes, with the firm saying its data indicates that the average cost for an older bike insured by the company stands at 29% of the cost to insure a brand-new bike in London. The percentage is based on the average insurance quote provided by the Carole Nash call centre for pre-2007 bikes, compared to a new motorcycle.



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