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values Soften as winter closes in

Sales and demand in the used motorcycle market has remained buoyant considering the time of year, although, as in the new market, there were reports of a slowdown in footfall later in October. Stock availability is reported to have improved recently, with most dealers satisfied with their stock levels going into the winter months.

Looking ahead to 2023, a more plentiful supply of new machines could have an impact on demand levels in the used market, particularly on later plate machines. However, this is very speculative, and for now the outlook remains positive.

The warmer-than-average autumn has continued, with November starting on a mild note. However, considering the time of year, with daylight hours in short supply and an escalating cost of living increasing pressure on consumer spending, Glass’s expects values to soften across most segments in the coming weeks. The exceptions continue to be mopeds, scooters, lower capacity machines and off-roaders, which are all expected to remain stable.



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