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Weaker demand and supply shortages hit

Powered two wheeler registration figures in November fell for another month. Retailers, however, are not concerned as this likely reflects seasonal demand and supply shortage, as opposed to wider issues relating to the macro-economic climate.

Total registration figures across all types suffered an 8.8% deficit in sales compared to the same point last year. However, year-to-date figures reveals 2.1% more motorcycles are on the road in 2022, from 109,383 units to 110,608.

Motorcycle registrations fell across the majority of categories except Scooters (+13%) and Touring (+27.2%). Mopeds followed a similar trajectory, with total registration figures in November falling from 532 units to 423 units (-20.5%).

Unfortunately, the electric Powered Two-Wheeler (ePTW) sector fell again by -34.7%. Electric bikes are still suffering acute restrictions in supply, limiting the stock available for retailers’ forecourts, making it harder to sustain the levels seen last year.

The Honda PCX 125 retains its position as the most successful PTW, registering 410 new units in November and helping Honda to continue to be the highest registering franchise with 1297 new bike sales.

Novembers registration figures may have fallen, but year-to-date reveals the motorcycle market is still up from last year, so the market is in a good position. The NMDA recently attended Motorcycle Live in Birmingham. It was exciting to see the products looking to enter the market in the coming year to meet the strong consumer demand.
Symon Cook
Head of the NMDA


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