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Webbs opens £1m-plus premium showroom

Webbs’s brand-new, purpose-built £1m-plus Triumph and Yamaha showroom on a new industrial estate in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, was officially opened yesterday evening.

In a dual opening ceremony the ribbons were cut by Triumph national sales manager Bruno Tagliaferri and Yamaha Europe’s director of powered vehicles Andy Smith who flew in from Holland for the special occasion.

More than 400 invited members of the trade and valued customers attended, including Triumph CEO Nick Bloor. The opening was blessed with perfect weather.

“We are very pleased with how it has gone and how well the opening has been supported by suppliers and members of the trade, and we are honoured to have Nick Bloor here,” said owner Andre Waszczyszyn.

Webbs of Peterborough is now preparing itself for the public open weekend, starting tomorrow, with stacks of special offers. A mail-out to 20,000 potential customers via MCN should result in an attendance of 2000-plus, anticipates Webbs’ staff of 15 and helpers for the weekend.

The opening missed BDN’s April issue deadline but a full report will appear in the May magazine.


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