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Weise up to double A

Weise is demonstrating its commitment to the newly introduced CE standard for motorcycle clothing, with the announcement that the majority of textiles in its 2020 range will be tested and certified to the tougher AA (double A) rating.

In total, eight jackets and six trousers will carry the impressive AA mark on their labels, including designs for women, covering the entire price range. 

“This is a significant commitment, as many brands are only testing their textile garments to the far less rigorous A rating. Weise believes that AA rated clothing provides its dealers with welcome reassurance that the products they are selling are more protective and will also aid sales, because customers view them as ‘safer’ and of better value than items with the lower single A rating” commented Weise Brand Manager, Steve Phillips.

Understanding the ‘A levels’

Under the latest CE standard for jackets, trousers and suits (prEN 17092) there are three main test ratings;

  • AAA (triple A) is the highest grade, intended for the highest level of risk and is tested at the highest levels of severity specified by EN 17092.

  • AA (double A) is the next level and covers the wide range of risks that riders are likely to encounter, with an abrasion test at a lower level of severity than AAA.

  • To pass the single A grade, garments are only required to resist abrasion reflecting the risk at ‘urban speeds’, so they can be less bulky and more comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

The material and seams are also tested against tearing and bursting, with AAA being the most stringent.

“Most experts agree that AAA is appropriate for sportswear (such as leather suits), while AA is suitable for touring and general leisure riding (armoured textiles) and the A category is primarily for ‘urban’ clothing, such as reinforced biker jeans and armoured hoodies” says Phillips, who is clear about the reasons for choosing the higher AA rating;

“It’s going to take a while for everybody to get used to CE labels on clothing. We are making it simple, by getting our new textiles certified to the correct AA rating. It’s taken a lot of investment in time and money, but we believe it’s worth it, as it gives our dealers and their customers complete confidence in the quality of the kit. Even the casually styled Stealth Hoodie is certified AA.  Care has been taken to cater for the main riding types and popular price points, starting at just £119.99 inc VAT for an armoured textile jacket, topping out at £269.99 for one featuring laminate technology. The range of AA-rated trousers offers plenty of choice too, with conventional textiles, laminated trousers and even women’s jeggings and leggings”

“It’s surprising how many brands are offering textiles that are only rated to the single A level” adds Phillips, “And it’s not only budget lines. You have to ask yourself, why aren’t they getting them tested to the tougher AA rating, as appropriate for their intended use?”.

“Spotting the level to which garments are tested is simple when you know what to look for. By law, all new motorcycle clothing must be certified to the appropriate CE standard and display a label, showing the standard to which it was tested, and the level it achieved.  For textile jackets and trousers that means standard EN 17092 and the A, AA or AAA should appear on the label.”

Garments labelled simply “CE” (without a reference to any specific standard) do not comply with the regulations and should be treated with caution by dealers, since selling them could land them in hot water with trading standards

Entry-level Core jacket, RRP £119.99


Retro Michigan jacket, RRP £169.99


Ascari Sports jacket, RRP £149.99


Outlast Frontier laminate, £269.99



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