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Where you fooled by our Rudge revival story?

In case you didn’t suss it out, the Rudge revival story that appears on page four of this month’s magazine and online yesterday was an April Fool. Delaware-registered Rudge-Whitworth Inc and SinDex Partners are non-existent figments of our imagination at BDN, as is Kurt Jürgenstrom.

Charles Pugh is the token giveaway for keen history buffs. Charles Henry Pugh was one of the original founders of Rudge-Whitworth. He died in 1911.

We weren’t alone in having a little fun on 1 April. Oxford Products released details of a variation on its popular tool kit, for the less technically minded.

 “Our tool kit is a very popular seller, but not everyone has the knowledge to make full use of it, so it makes sense to make a new version of the tool kit for the less technically minded.

“After much research,” Oxford wrote, “and many hours sat by the road side waiting for the recovery truck to arrive, we have finely tuned what essentials are needed in a tool kit for those who think the left-handed screw driver is a good idea. We are pleased to launch the Tool kit for Technical Dummies. (TOOL KIT TD – code TK 01 04).

“Should this be a popular item, we are considering launching version two, which will include firelighters, a small stick of explosive and a lighter for those who think repair of their bike may not be economically viable.”


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