Monday, May 27, 2024
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Zapp opens Experience Centre

British electric scooter builder Zapp EV has opened a new Brand Experience Centre at the Bicester Heritage Quarter. The centre, based at the former WWII RAF Bomber Command airfield, will allow prospective buyers to take test rides, then spec and order their bike. Zapp currently offers just one model, the i300 scooter, but it’s promising more bikes soon.

The i300 is a lightweight 92kg 300cc equivalent scooter with futuristic looks. It provides 19bhp and is powered by two removable 1.25kW/h batteries.

Swin Chatsuwan, founder of Zapp, said, “As a team we are excited to move to Bicester Heritage, a location that celebrates both the history and future of mobility. We can’t wait to continue to manufacture and deliver our i300 for current and future customers.”

Daniel Geoghegan, Bicester Motion CEO, added, “As our Heritage Quarter and wider Bicester Motion site continues to grow, we look forward to welcoming more EV-focused brands, such as Zapp, that create and manufacture truly unique mobility solutions.”


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