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Zero targets commuters

With the ‘legacy’ motorcycle market still looking tough for full-power electric bike makers, firms like Zero are on the hunt for new customers. And the American brand has its eye on car-driving commuters, especially those in cities like London. It’s just released research, based on UK government figures, that shows four-wheel commuters inside the M25 spend a fortnight in jams every year. And Zero says its full-size learner-legal electric bikes, which can be ridden with a car licence and a CBT pass, can save half of that time each year – almost a week less of wasted time.

The firm also reckons Zero riders can save cash compared with a car: its research says someone travelling into London five days a week could save £120 per month on fuel, £250 on ULEZ charges, and £300 on congestion charges.

Dale Robinson, UK country manager at Zero Motorcycles, said: “We live in a world where time is precious. Lost minutes can have a huge effect on productivity, attitude, and even go as far as affecting mental health. Being able to maximise time on the things that truly matter is of huge importance. Think about the last thing you did with a bank holiday weekend. Spent time with the family? Went to the beach? What I can guarantee you didn’t do was sit in a traffic jam from the very beginning to the bitter end.

“When the cost-benefit and the time benefit are unrivalled by going onto two wheels, I challenge anyone to find a commuter who wouldn’t want a shorter journey that costs less.”
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