Saturday, March 2, 2024

Beepings ZEN GPS tracker

For anything you’d like to keep tabs on; pets, bike, motorcycle, luggage, kids or people affected by Alzheimer’s disease, ZEN has it figured. It has the following features once you’ve downloaded the App to your smartphone; Geolocate, a map of where all your ZENs are at any particular time, Geofences can be set, Find and Trace lets you see where your ZENs have been and in Movement Detection mode an alert is sent if any ZEN moves. ZEN uses Sigfox low-frequency ISM band technology which allows it to function in a wider range conditions than some of its competitors. It covers western Europe and will cover the whole of Europe by 2017 and the world by 2020. If ordered through crowd-funding partner there is a 40% discount on the €179 retail price.


tel +337 62 58 36 06 (PR)


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