Saturday, March 2, 2024

Blocking pouches

According to the boffins at Wunderlich the latest bikes with Keyless Go technology are at risk from drive-away theft facilitated by range extenders. Normally the key’s range is only a few metres, but a legally-purchased range extender can increase this to tens of metres or more. This means that while you are sat in a cafe or office, a thief can boost the key’s signal to unlock the bike and allow it to be ridden away with a press of the start button. This scenario can be avoided, according to Wunderlich, by storing the key in a pouch that has an RFID-blocking lining which stops radio-frequency signals getting out. It may be thought that having to get the key out of a pouch rather negates the benefits of keyless ignition, and that a “normal” key would have much same effect, but such is the march of progress…
The pouches comes in black or carbon-effect finishes for €39.90 SRP
Wunderlich; +49 (0)2641 3082-600;


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