Tuesday, March 5, 2024

New ATOM Bluetooth Headset


The Atom operates via a handlebar remote control and is the only system on the market where this is included as standard! It fits neatly to any helmet by Velcro or clamp, both of which are supplied. It’s ergonomic and elegant design mean it won’t look out of place on your helmet and is unaffected by wind noise. A truly hands-free system where all functions can be safely and easily operated via the remote control.  Our acclaimed noise cancelling technology means crystal clear sound, regardless of speed and background noise.  
No matter what your riding requirements (connection to smartphone, music device, sat-nav or pillion)the Atom delivers! It also effortlessly connects 3 different riders up to a realistic range of 800m.
The days of lifting your hand to the helmet are gone, well at least they are with the Autocom Atom!

Atom Features

  • Unique Remote Control operation for a true hands-free experience
  • Beautifully simple, just pair, play and ride.
  • Connects to music, smart phone, GPS, pillion or bike-to-bike
  • Aerodynamic and sleek design that suits any helmet
  • Range of 800m (terrain depending)
  • Small size (dimensions L 80mm x W30mm x D25mm)
  • Very high output speakers giving crystal clear audio
  • Connects to Bluetooth MP3 type music devices
  • Charge time 4 hours with several days standby
  • Auto last number redial for phone calls


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