Friday, March 1, 2024

Venhill Twister Pliers

Venhill has added Safety Wire Twister Pliers to its range of specialist tools for motorcyclists. Designed to simplify fitting locking wire to nuts and bolts, the 150mm (six-inch) long pliers have a locking mechanism that holds the jaws shut on the wire. Turning the chrome knob at the base twists the body of the pliers, locking the wire. The (VT77) Safety Wire Twister Pliers retail for £19.00. Venhill also supplies coils of stainless-steel safety wire. The 0.6mm (.025 in) diameter wire is an appropriate strength for securing most fasteners on a motorcycle. A 450g coil sells for £15.00 SRP.
Venhill Engineering
tel; 01306 885111



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