Sunday, May 26, 2024

AJS Bilston

With the cost of living increases showing no signs of coming to an end, there could be an increase in the number of people looking to swap from a second car to something cheaper to run for the daily commute. The AJS Bilston is primed to cater for that demographic, as it’s an affordably-priced geared 125cc capable of up to 128mpg. Named after a steelworks which supplied metals for the original AJS factory, the Bilston features practical touches such as LED lighting and a rear rack, as well as components designed to perform through everything the British weather can throw at it, such as a gold O-ring chain and a stainless steel exhaust. It comes in Sundown red, Steel blue or Foundry black, all enhanced with gold pinstriping and logos, for an SRP of £2349.

AJS; 01264 365103; [email protected]


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