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Bickers Power Range

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From WhatCar ‘Best Buy’ and WhatCar ‘Most Recommended’, to global leading brands, and to premium and affordable ranges. Bickers leads the way, Bickers new catalogue “The Power Range” has all the top brands a dealer needs.

Bickers offers an exceptional electric portfolio sourced from around the World, including 4 lead acid battery ranges from World leading GS Yuasa, Fulbat, and Powerite, and 2 lithium batteries from NOCO and Fulbat, spark plugs from NGK and Champion, bulbs from Philips and Astra, and Japanese horns from Nikko.

GS Yuasa uses the same factories to make the GS and Yuasa brands. Over the years GS has continued to supply the same quality batteries as Yuasa at a lower price to the dealer.  Bickers holds stock of every Yuasa motorcycle and powersport battery with regular supply from GS Yuasa UK, who hold stock of a wide range of batteries for automotive, motorcycle, industrial and standby power applications in Swindon.  GS has taken the decision to concentrate on the fast-moving batteries covering 80% to 90% of the bikes on the road today, using Yuasa to support the rest of the range.

FULBAT, a France-based company, is a leading force in the battery business, present in both replacement and OEM markets, Fulbat offers an exhaustive range of starter batteries, including Dry, MF, Gel and Lithium, covering a full range of motorcycle and powersport applications. The GEL FitHD models are high capacity reinforced batteries designed for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. With specific terminals and battery case, these batteries offer maximum vibration resistance.

The NOCO GB40 was voted WhatCar ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Most Recommended’ jump starter in 2021. Established in 1914, NOCO designs and creates premium consumer battery chargers, power banks and lithium batteries. NOCO only offers lithium batteries and has effectively set the new standard in design, performance, and safety. 2x more power, 10x more starts, 5x longer life. The NOCO Lithium Power (NLP) series is better than lead-acid powersport batteries in almost every way – no sulfation, no activation, no acid, no maintenance, and no water needed. They are designed to withstand 50,000 start cycles and 2,000 charge cycles, making them the highest performing and longest-lasting batteries for any motorcycle, ATV, UTV, PWC, scooter, or snowmobile.

With battery chargers from NOCO, Fulbat and Powerite Bickers has a charger for every bike and every pocket, from home use to professional workshops Bickers has a charger for it all.

Philips Bulbs lights the way ahead with the most illuminating headlight bulbs you can buy, supported by a range of Astra bulbs making sure every bulb is available.

At the heart of the engine, we have the World’s best spark plugs brands NGK and Champion. Every NGK motorcycle and powersport spark plug is held in stock, and at times Bickers has a larger range of plugs than NGK UK holds. Spark plug caps from Champion and NGK are in stock.

Bickers also holds a range of specialist electrical motorbike tools from Bikeservice to help with all those jobs around the bike.

Large stocks of these premium electrical brands and many more are all available at Bickers now!

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