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Bolstering bike sales with digital communications

Even as spring gives way to summer and more bikers contemplate the purchase of a new machine, engaging with prospective customers remains a perennial challenge for retailers. Identifying and fostering leads is an even higher priority at this time of year as people consider their two-wheeled options ahead of the warmer months.

Against this backdrop, timely and personalised communication remains essential for retailers, both in generating leads and maximising sales conversions. Digital tools can automate highly productive interactions, reaching out to customers at scale and with minimal intervention from sales teams.

We have seen particular success in using these tools to encourage aftersales customers to consider a new or used motorcycle. They can be targeted with ‘Bike Alert’ emails that thank them for their aftersales custom and at the same time advertise new-generation bikes similar to the one they already own but perhaps newer and with fewer miles.

In 2023, Marketing Delivery sent a total of 7,821 Aftersales Bike Alert emails, of which 4,635 were opened, giving an average open rate of 59.3%, with 6.9% converting to a sale.

These digital touchpoints also present opportunities to source additional stock; customers may choose to sell or part-exchange their bike back to the retailer, boosting sales and filling the forecourt with quality used machines that have a full-service history.

Our marketing automation platform, VoiceBox, integrates with the retailer’s existing dealer management system (DMS) for sales and aftersales. Contacts are then targeted with relevant and timely emails and SMS messages, in line with GDPR requirements. Aftersales customers already in the DMS can be sent emails about MOT and service reminders, while the Bike Alerts tool can also issue tailored, AI-powered emails to sales customers who have enquired about a bike, but whose desired specifications weren’t immediately available. The system will automatically send a follow-up email to inform the customer about relevant changes to stock or pricing.

Customers who have been marked as ‘lost’ in the DMS (for example if the type of bike wasn’t immediately available) are encouraged to re-engage via a personalised follow-up message. Our ‘Lost Sales’ emails for bikes have conversion rates in excess of 5% among those customers previously marked as lost.

This digital-centric strategy extends to social media, too. Our SocialStock product works with Automotive Industry Ads on Meta platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and TikTok to make advertising simple and straightforward. The software shares targeted and dynamic adverts containing available stock with relevant prospects based on a user’s search history.

To further enhance reach and engagement, retailers can add tracking pixels to their website so that when a potential customer visits, they will subsequently receive targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. The results of our SocialStock remarketing ads speak for themselves, boasting an impressive average click-through rate of 91%.

Having a fully integrated digital marketing software in place means that strategy can be easily aligned across the business, distributing timely, relevant and accurate communications to customers throughout the buying and aftersales journeys.

Jeremy Evans
Chief Executive at Marketing Delivery

Contact Marketing Delivery at or on 01892 599916 for more information and book your no-obligation demo of VoiceBox today.


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