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Brixton Motorcycles and KSR Moto

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Pre-order your Euro 4 Brixton Motorcycles for delivery in March.
Brixton Motorcycles, a modern motorcycle with a retro twist; with margins well over 20%. Brixton Motorcycles are backed by one the UK’s leading importers of two wheel transport that offer a 360 stocking plan and UK spares back up.
Choose from the classic BX 125, a sleek Café racer or the cool scrambler.
Brixton Motorcycles: Any direction. As long as it’s your own.
01332 274254


KSR Moto is launching its Euro 4 range in February 2017, in the mean time we still have some great offers on pre-registered and derogated Euro 3 KSR models available to buy on our market leading 360 day stocking plan.
Standard margins are well over 20% and KSR Moto is not only backed by one the UK’s leading importers of two wheeled transport but also a European parts hub.
The stunning TW125 SM starts at only £1244 plus VAT.
01332 274254



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