Sunday, June 16, 2024

CFMoto 450CL-C

CFMoto is taking big strides in terms of becoming a bigger presence on the European motorcycle market, extending its range of Chinese-made machinery upmarket with a combination of bigger capacity engines and distinctive styling. The new 450CL-C opens up a new sector for the brand, with classic-inspired cruiser lines and retro detailing such as two-tone paintwork and polished metalwork. The 449cc twin outputs 40hp with a promise of plenty of low-down torque to suit its laid-back appearance. Gases exit through a dual-chamber exhaust system to give an appropriately rorty note, while the final drive is via a Gates belt drive, rather than a chain. Tech is kept up to date with the fitting of a circular TFT display up front, which can show navigation (via a smartphone app) along with the usual speed and distance data. It comes in two colour option – Nebula black or Bordeaux red – for a retail price of £5599.



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