Friday, June 14, 2024

DNA filters

There has been a rush of new filter fitments across the desk at BDN towers this month, with multiple new models for Benelli, CFMoto and Honda machinery arriving from manufacturer DNA.

All the new fitments use DNA’s Full Contour Design, which is claimed to have 98-99% filtering efficiency thanks to its four-layer cotton construction.

For the Benelli TRK and TRK-X models (2023-2024) the bespoke filter promises an improvement in airflow of 15.3% for its €80 SRP; CFMoto’s 800NK sporty naked gets an 86.7% boost compared to the stock filter for €83 SRP; the Honda CT125 Trail – which was not an official UK model, but has been a popular grey import from Europe – has its airflow bolstered by 63.3% for a price of €68; and the Honda Dax (2022-2023) improves its airflow by 48.6% for just €60.

DNA Filters; [email protected]


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