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Duchinni originals give you a head start


What do you look for in a range of helmets? Consistent quality, with great fit and finish? Modern specification? A wide range of prices to suit riders on a budget and those looking to spend a bit more? The 2015 range from Duchinni offers all that … and more besides.  

Value for Money
Value for money has always been Duchinn’s selling point and the 2015 collection continues this tradition. Retail prices start at just ?39.99 for the D501 open face helmet, which comes with a detachable peak, removable lining and pull-down sun visor as standard. For just ?49.99 the D101 full-face model is equally impressive, with its removable lining, integral venting and micrometric adjustable quick-release buckle.
Duchinni offers plenty of choice for customers willing to pay a bit more for a higher specification. The D405 full-face, for example, comes with a drop-down sun visor and the D965, at ?99.99, has an ABS/fibre composite shell. Topping the range is the D963, which has a full carbon shell, yet has an eye-catching SRP of ?179.99.

Something for everyone
There’s a Duchinni helmet to suit almost every motorcycle or scooter rider. The D205 is an open face design with a full visor and internal sun visor too, RRP ?64.99. There are two flip-fronts, the D606 (?89.99) and the D605 (?109.99), both of which feature drop-down sun visors, too. New for this season, the D311 is an adventure sport style helmet, with adjustable peak and drop-down sun visor, for ?99.99. There are two MX style helmets – the D301 youth model for ?49.99 and the adult size D305 for ?79.99. Youngsters are also covered by the D956 full-face at ?54.99.

Colourful Choices
Most of the helmets from Duchinni are also available in multi-colours or with graphics, typically retailing for an extra ?5 – ?10. However, the variety of colours per model is kept to a minimum so that dealers won’t need to stock huge numbers of helmets to cover all sizes and colour options. This also improves availability from the warehouse.  
Exclusively designed and distributed by BDN award-winning wholesaler, The Key Collection, trade discounts of up to 50% are available in return for flexible stocking commitments that suit you, the dealer.

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