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Fork Cartridges from YSS


World Class Suspension.


Larsson UK have an extended range of replacement performance fork cartridges from YSS Suspension. We offer YSS Open & Closed Cartridges for road, track and off-road with new models being regularly introduced. Fitments include Maxi scooters, Adventure bikes and Harley-Davidson models.

The replacement of the complete fork cartridge gives a relatively quick and simple to fit upgrade to the OE fork, which may be compromised in performance by cost constraints and greater bias for use away from the sporting arena. Additionally, replacing the cartridge retains the flex characteristics of the original inner and outer tubes, that are designed with the frame as matching components of the bike chassis.

In all YSS Cartridges, the special aluminium piston and the high-flow Compression and Rebound Adjusters guarantee an excellent response under all conditions. Damping functions are separated – compression in one leg and rebound in the other. This gives precise operation and there is no effect on compression when adjusting rebound and vice versa. Road and road racing models offer fork top Spring Preload Adjustment that enables riders to set the static sag, enabling full fork adjustability. Selected kits come with alternative spring sets allowing the ultimate set-up to match conditions.

In the YSS Closed Cartridges for off-road and premium road/track focussed bikes, the primary damping oil is separated from air. This eliminates the possibility of oil being aerated under heavy use – known as cavitation. If this occurs, damping is reduced, the fork can suffer a lag between fork movement and effective damping action and the aerated fork oil is less effective as a lubricant for the internal fork components. Cavitation becomes a factor under sustained hard use – such as on the racetrack, but the YSS Closed Cartridge provides the ‘gold standard’ for fork control to the demanding rider and under race conditions. Full adjustability is on offer with the YSS Closed Cartridge. On MX bikes, the unmistaken YSS-feel gives it a very smooth response, eliminating harshness while building up a progressive damping profile toward the end of the stroke.

The YSS Open Cartridge provides a more economical performance upgrade for lighter and mid-sized road biased machines. This includes fitments for bikes originally fitted with basic damper rod forks – such as the Yamaha MT07, giving a vastly improved level of control. The YSS Open Cartridge offers 3-way adjustment allowing riders to fine tune response to machine loading, riding conditions and personal preference. Easy to access threaded preload adjusters are on the fork tops, plus rebound and compression adjustments on separate fork legs.

YSS have been manufacturing motorcycle suspension for more than 35 years. With 2 multi-million-dollar production plants in Thailand with state-of-the-art equipment for machining, spring production and testing, YSS are a World Class manufacturer. In addition, they benefit from a hugely experienced staff at their European R&D Centre and success in many forms of racing. YSS offer leading products for all machines from moped to full racing motorcycle plus specialised applications, all at competitive pricing.

Larsson are one of the largest motorcycle parts distributors across Europe. Within our network, we distribute YSS to major markets across Europe and hold the coveted status of being the only European Mega Distributer. This means that Larsson UK have access to the biggest stocks of YSS in UK and Europe. All our YSS products come with a two-year warranty to Larsson account holders and our Service Centre network provides full aftersales service for our customers.

Yamaha MT07 2014-21
£367.78 trade price ex vat

Harley-Davidson Sportster S 1250 2021
£305.79 trade price ex vat

BMW S1000RR 2017-18
£1,047.06 trade price ex vat

Husqvarna FC/TC 250 2017-20 & KTM SX/SX-F250 2016-20
£622.80 trade price ex vat

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