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Gear Up the Gremlins for Winter


Give your customers a warm feeling with Gear Gremlin’s range of seasonal accessories. From heated grips for riders to waterproof covers for their bikes, Gear Gremlin accessories will help get both man and machine through the cold winter months, while generating some welcome extra revenue for you, the dealer.



A good quality waterproof bike cover is an essential investment for bikes and scooters that are parked outside overnight, providing protection from rain, dirt and prying eyes. The Classic Neon Cover is outstanding in every respect. It’s waterproof, with a bright neon yellow section making it highly visible to other road users on long winter nights. SRP: £45.99 – £55.99, including a handy storage bag. No wonder RiDE Recommended it.


For bikes that hibernate through winter, Gear Gremlin’s intelligent charger will maintain the battery so that it’s full of energy ready for Spring. Suitable for all types of AGM, VRLA and GEL batteries, its digital display gives an instant and clear reading of the charging voltage. Just plug it in and leave it running until you’re ready to ride. SRP: £65.99. It even works on cars!


Heated grips are a seasonal best-seller, particularly for regular commuters. Gear Gremlin offers a choice of two simple-to-fit designs; FHG1 are made from anti-perish rubber and come with a dual-temperature analogue switch. SRP: £44.99. With premium quality rubber grips and waterproof electronic controller that can be mounted on handlebars or fairing, the FHG2 have a SRP of £57.99.


New for 2015, the multi-functional Bandana Fleece is ideal for plugging the gap between jacket and helmet and comfortable off the bike too.  SRP: £13.99.


Gear Gremlin is distributed by BDN Award-winning wholesaler, the Key Collection, and supported by a nationwide sales team, who can arrange starter packs, including a merchandiser stand complete with hooks and lights. Get in touch to find out more.



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