Sunday, June 16, 2024

Givi ST610

As sports and naked bikes get ever-more compact and lighter in the pursuit of performance the cubbyholes and underseat storage that used to provide such machines with a modicum of day-to-day usability have disappeared, leaving riders nowhere to store all the bits and pieces – keys, phone, wallet, sunglasses – essential to modern life. To overcome this problem, Givi has launched the ST610, a fairly standard-looking 10-litre semi rigid saddle bag. Made of 1200D PVC polyester with PU inserts thermoformed EVA, the bag’s novel feature is the quick-release fixing mechanism that straps securely to the bike’s seat and allows the bag to be fitted or removed in a matter of seconds. The ST610 has an SRP of £101.50 and the base is £24.50.
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