Monday, June 17, 2024

Gori Lambretta parts

VE (UK) has struck a deal to distribute a range of performance parts for classic Lambrettas made by engineering brand Gori. Gori started as a Lambretta dealer and modifier of scooters in the historical Italian city of Florence in the 1950s, and has been making high-performance machines and parts ever since.

The Gori 190/200cc kit for Lambrettas has a NicaSil coating for its aluminium alloy cylinder, along with a new type of radial head with flow guides which help to improve the cooling effect to the motor. The piston ring is L-shaped for an improved seal to improve combustion chamber compression. The kit includes necessary gaskets and can be fitted in both 58mm stroke (190cc) or 60mm stroke (200cc) configurations. It is also available complete with a 30mm intake manifold. SRP is £442.63.

The Gori Racing crankshaft, which is available in 58mm and 60mm versions, is fitted with copper and Teflon inserts for precision balancing. The 107mm forged and CNC machined connecting rod is chrome plated and is supplied with a silver roller cage. The crankshaft has a large flywheel cone to suit Lambretta 200cc models, but can also be fitted to 125cc and 150cc models. SRP is £247.84.

To make the most of the extra horses released by the bigger capacity engine kits, the Gori Pulsar electronic ignition system has variable advance to optimise performance. It includes a resin-coated stator which is resistant to high temperatures, improving reliability. The 1.8Kg flywheel is heavier, providing greater inertia, and the CDI has an oversized coil to provide higher voltage to the spark plug. All this is topped off with a nylon fan. The ignition system is available in both small and large cone flywheel sizes at an SRP of £351.73.

To tame all that extra power Gori has developed a close ratio four speed gearbox to suit. The spacing of the gears has been designed for a smooth gear change, keeping the engine in the correct torque range. The tooth profile is optimized for noise reduction and engine power transmission with minimum load losses. The kit includes 50, 41, 38 and 36-tooth secondary gears and the cluster with 10, 12, 15 and 17-tooth gears. SRP is £389.60.

There will be more details of other new Gori performance parts next month.
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