Sunday, June 16, 2024

HEX ezCAN Mojave

Owners of BMW’s adventurous GS like nothing more than adding accessories to their shiny new bikes, and the latest R1300 GS variant is no exception. While luggage and bodywork additions are relatively simple, when it comes to adding extra lighting, horns, heated clothing, chargers, GPS, or any other electrically-powered items, things can get a little more complicated if you don’t want to void the warranty or chop into the wiring. The HEX ezCAN Mojave is designed to overcome these issues, providing a plug-and-play solution for the installation and control of up to four separate electronic accessories. It plugs into the GS’s wiring harness and provides CAN-bus control, meaning that the factory handlebar controls can be used, and settings can be customised – such as setting lights to flash when the horn is activated, or altering the brightness of auxiliary lighting units. It also provides re-settable electronic fuses for each accessory. It is a model-specific fitment for the 2024-on BMW R1300 GS, and has an SRP of £204, with a silicon protective sleeve an extra £9.60.

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