Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Hornig BMW upgrades

Accessories firm Hornig has chosen BMW’s sporty naked S1000R as its latest project, adding a raft of upgrades to improve comfort, safety and styling. The handlebar risers (€129.95) raise the bars by 35mm and bring them 15mm closer to the rider for a more upright riding position. This obviously puts the rider in the wind more so a tinted sport windshield (€107.90) helps reduce windblast. New adjustable brake and clutch levers (€100 per pair) have six positions. To protect the bike there are CNC lathed crash bungs for the swingarm (€69.70) and forks (€65), as well as the frame (€103). To stop stones or debris hitting the oil cooler and radiator there is a two-piece ABS mesh grille to protect them (€69).
Styling-wise, there is a colour matched pillion seat cover (€67.90) and CNC milled aluminium bar-end mirrors (€55.90 each).
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