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Introducing the Blaze Wear Moto range

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Specialists in heated apparel and accessories, Blaze Wear, has launched a range of heated clothing specifically designed for motorcycles and scooters.

The Blaze Wear Moto Range is designed in the UK and consists of items that can be connected directly to your two-wheeled machine as well as battery powered options – suiting all riders tastes.

The line-up has been specially tailored to ensure they offer outstanding comfort and intuitive usability. The heating elements that integrate flexible carbon fibres – all of which are the thickness of a single hair. This ensures the heating elements are unobtrusive and bend and flex with the user, as well as even heat distribution and optimum heat.

Simply press the built-in one touch LED waterproof heat controller to ‘Feel the heat!’. All heated clothing from Blaze Wear has a choice of three temperature settings ensuring that riders can choose the right level of heat for the weather conditions – as well as their personal preference – meaning that the items are versatile all year round.

Blaze Wear’s connected items come with a one year guarantee as well as benefiting from FREE standard UK delivery and FREE UK returns and exchanges.

Take a look at the vehicle-connecting Moto Range in more detail:

Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner
There are seven zone heating elements integrated into the nylon outer shell and lining of the jacket liner – two on the chest, two on the back, one per sleeve and one on the collar – meaning riders are protected from whatever the weather throws at them. The super-lightweight fabric and flexible carbon fibre heating pads mean that riders can wear it under their normal riding gear without having to worry about bulky wiring. The temperature control has been designed to slide out from the outerwear, making it easy to adjust heat on the go up to a maximum heat of 52°C. The unisex jacket has an RRP of £169.99, is available in sizes XS-XXL and includes a battery harness kit.

Heated Motorcycle Vest
The Heated Motorcycle Vest has an ultra-thin profile so can be worn comfortably under most motorcycle jackets and ensure riders movements isn’t restricted. Four zones on the vest are heated by the flexible carbon fibre heating pads and are controlled by the built in one-touch LED waterproof heat controller and heat up in seconds, with three heat levels to choose from. The outer shell is made from Polyester soft-shell with a nylon lining. Four-way stretch panels on the sides of the vest ensure the vest is snug against the rider’s body while remaining comfortable. There’s a waterproof zipper outer pocket for protecting personal possessions. Available in sizes XS-XXL, the unisex Heated Motorcycle Vest has an RRP of £139.99 and includes a battery harness kit.

Heated Motorcycle Trouser Liner
Designed to be worn under a pair of leathers or textile trousers, the unisex Blaze Wear trouser liner features a fleece lining and are constructed from a four-way stretchable softshell fabric for rider comfort. Riders will be kept warm by two large carbon fibre heating panels which start at the shin and go up to the thighs to ensure riders are protected from wind chill in the most prone areas while riding. Design touches such as the built-in over sock connectors, waterproof zipper outer pocket and zippered ankle closure make these trousers liners a perfect riding companion. Available in sizes XS – XXL, and with an RRP of £139.99, the trousers come with a battery connecting harness as standard.

Heated Motorcycle Glove Liners
Extremities are areas that are prone to feeling the chill. The 12V Heated Glove Liner can fit under your existing motorcycle gloves. Unlike heated grips, the Heated Glove Liner allows riders to feel heat on the back of their hand and around each fingertip – and they heat in just 10 seconds. The carbon fibre heating pads stretches from the back of the hand to each fingertip and provides comfort, without any hotspots. They are touch screen compatible, so you don’t have to remove them to use sat-nav or mobile devices. The Velcro strap on the wrist ensures a secure fit. The Blaze Wear Heated Motorcycle Glove Liners are available in sizes XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL and have an RRP of £99.99.

A range of battery-powered options are also available including men’s and ladies’ gilets, unisex base layer top, base layer pants and a choice of gloves.

For more information on the full Blaze Wear line-up, please visit:

Tel: 0845 475 7510

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