Friday, June 14, 2024

LS2 Valiant Helmet


Introducing the Versatile Valiant

Wherever you are. Wherever you go. In the city or on the open road. In winter or in summer. The VALIANT is LS2’s most versatile helmet yet.

Doubly certified, as a full-face AND an open-face helmet, you can ride with complete confidence.

Weighing only 1600g, with a 180º swing-around chin bar and drop-down sun shield, the feature-packed new Valiant is as comfortable as it is versatile, at a price that is going to win lots of admirers too.

Nationwide Dealer Support

  • Paul Haskins – Midlands: 07932 725119
  • Dave Priddle – SW: 07900 682775
  • Neil Mcvitie – Scotland & Ireland: 07713 637081
  • Steve Forrester – Sothern Ireland: +353 876 486863
  • Lee Bell – N West- 07889 813199
  • Jon Russell – London and SE: 07582 5125811

TRADE HOTLINE: 01670 856342
Fax: 01670 855770
[email protected]



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