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Malossi 225cc kit for Vespa PX

This is a race kit comprising redesigned transfer and exhaust ports, a single-ring piston kit, uprated crank bearings and PTFE seals. In addition the new 225 kit requires the use of a 60mm stroke crankshaft with heavily modified crankcases, a carburettor of 30mm or greater in diameter, and a expansion exhaust system. It’s also recommended that a high-flow fuel tap be used. All parts are available from VE (UK) the factory appointed sole UK Importer for Malossi Performance Products. Trade Prices are; 225cc race kit, £257.44. Crank bearings, £36.50. Oil seal kit, £11.06 and Mazzucchelli 60mm crankshaft £90.56.
tel 0115 946 2991


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