Thursday, December 7, 2023

Mitas Terra Force-MX

Slovenian tyre brand Mitas is launching a new motocross competition tyre – the Terra Force-MX. It replaces the brand’s previous competition tyres and comes in three different tread patterns – Sand, SM and MH to suit “all rider and all terrain types”, according to a spokesperson. The Sand is for soft terrain and has a hard compound. The rear has semi-paddle construction with large central lugs for grip and cleaning, whereas the front  has a scooped centre tread that helps with traction. The SM is for soft to medium terrain and uses a softer compound, whereas the MH is for medium to hard terrain and uses an even softer compound together with a broad-spaced tread pattern in order to provide sufficient traction.
The Sand comes in 21in front and 19in rears in various widths, the SM in 14in and 21in fronts and 18in and 19in rears and the MH in 21in fronts and 18in and 19in rears.

Mitas Tyres;
tel +38 642 066142


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