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Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello

Built to celebrate Moto Guzzi’s 100th anniversary (which was actually in 2021, but let’s not split hairs) the new V100 Mandello is a showcase for the technology, styling and engineering of the brand. The sports tourer is the first bike in the world to incorporate active aerodynamics – deflectors on the sides of the fuel tank adjust position depending on speed and riding mode – which reduce wind blast on the rider by up to 22%. Other firsts include a six-axis inertial platform to provide data for the cornering ABS and semi-active suspension, and it’s the first factory Guzzi to have a quick-shifter.
The motor is a completely new 115hp “compact block” V-twin, which shares not a single component with Guzzi’s previous engines. It displaces 1042cc and is smaller and lighter than its predecessors, with drive going to the rear wheel via a six speed gearbox and an updated shaft drive. The steel tube frame uses the engine as a structural component to improve stiffness, which helps the Ohlins Smart semi-active suspension found on the V100S.
Technology includes a ride-by-wire throttle and four riding modes which adjust power delivery, engine braking and traction control, as well as engaging the aerodynamic aids. LED lights are fitted front and rear, the dash is a 5-inch colour TFT screen providing all the data the rider needs, and Moto Guzzi MIA Bluetooth connectivity is provided to allow customisation of the dash, phone connectivity and GPS functions, which include relaying the phone’s map info onto the instrument panel.
The £13,500 standard version has standard suspension and comes in white or red, while the better-equipped £15,750 S version has the active suspension, heated grips, tyre pressure monitoring, and Bluetooth system included and is available in green/grey, or black/grey.
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