Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Italian wearable airbag manufacturer DPI Safety has released the latest version of its MotoAirBag, the V4. The V4 vest has two separate CE approved airbags, a 10-litre one for the chest and abdomen, and a larger 15-litre one to protect the back and cervical areas in the event of an incident, with both triggered by a Fast Lock mechanism, which uses a cable and carabiner to connect to the motorcycle’s seat. Activation time is a rapid 80 milliseconds.

The vest can be reset in the event of a non-impact triggering without need for extra charging, and can be worn over any brand of motorcycle jacket or leathers. Adjustment on the side panels allows it to fit comfortably over both summer and thicker winter jackets. It comes in three sizes for an SRP of £559, with no additional subscriptions.

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