Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Oxford Filterbuds

Some sort of ear protection should be used by all motorcyclists as hearing damage isn’t a case of “if”, more a case of “when”. According to experts, riding a motorcycle at 70mph can cause permanent hearing damage in just four minutes. Many bikers (even dealers, who really should know better!) use no protection at all, others use general purpose disposable foam earplugs which block out all noise frequencies, making the use of in-helmet comms systems a complete no-no and making it difficult to hear the engine.
Oxford Products’ new Filterbuds are a new entrant into the reusable silicone plug sector of the market, designed to provide decent hearing protection while still keeping the biking aural experience. They are made from a soft and flexible clear hypo-allergenic TPU material with a metal acoustic mesh insert, which has been designed to filter specific frequencies to stop wind noise but allow speech and exhaust note frequencies through.
Putting them in (a bit of a tug on the ear lobe while pushing them in can help to make sure they are seated properly) takes a few seconds and then you are ready to go. Wind noise is whisper-quiet up to proper motorway speeds, and listening to music on my Sena comms kit was fine up to at least 70mph. On a three hour journey they were comfortable enough that I forgot I was wearing them, and they didn’t fall out (there is a moulded tab to help pull them out at the end of a ride).
The Filterbuds come with a neat little anodised aluminium storage container with a keyring attachment so they don’t get lost and are protected from being squished in a pocket. SRP is £19.99.
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