Thursday, July 18, 2024

Muc-Off pressure washer

Claiming to be the world’s first bike-specific pressure washer, this new device from Muc-Off has been tailored for use with both bicycles and motorcycles and the manufacturer says it is safe to use on bearings and suspension parts. It uses a 1200W carbon brush motor with a max flow rate of 6.5 litres per minute at a maximum pressure of 100 bar housed in an impact resistant plastic casing. It comes with three lances – one for bicycles, a higher pressure one for motorcycles and an adjustable pressure one for heavier grime – for an SRP of £79.99. A kit consisting of washer, the three lances, a low-pressure snow foam lance, a litre of Nano Tech cleaner and a carry case is £99.99 SRP.

Muc-Off; tel 01202 307790;


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