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Scotoiler TMX 365 protector spray

class=”p1″>The new TMX365 product is designed for off-road applications and is based on Scotoiler’s popular FS 365 protector spray and, says the company, “offers robust protection from the environment, and eases the cleaning process”. Applied prior to using bike, TMX 365 is claimed to not leave any sticky residue and is water soluble, so any dirt or mud can be easily washed off solely with water. Available in 1-litre pump bottles at £8.99 SRP and in 5-litre containers for £34.99 SRP. The company has also released a lightweight, more compact version of its vSystem chain oiler, vSystem – Sport Edition at £99.95 SRP.

Scotoiler (Scotland)

tel 0141 955 1100


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