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GIVI health and safety kits

GIVI has created four kits  to solve the eventualities that may arise in the course of a motorcycle journey. A safety kit, a first aid kit, a tubeless tyre repair kit and a wire padlock for soft bags. The S301 is a portable first aid kit (in compliance with DIN13167) contains the usual bandages, adhesive tape, self-adhesive bandages, gauze, scissors, PVC gloves and an isothermal blanket (£13.39 SRP). The S450 (£35.40 SRP) is a tubeless tyre repair kit with everything required to repair and inflate a tyre. The S300 (£12.00 SRP) kit includes a reflective triangle and a hi-vis vest in a zip bag. S221(£8.99 SRP) is a wire padlock for securing soft luggage and helmets.
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