Thursday, June 20, 2024

Prodream Liquid Film kit

style=”margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 12px; line-height: normal; font-family: Helvetica;”>A new range of cleaners and protectants for motorcycles, Pro-Dream Liquid Film is a waterless cleaner which is simply wiped over to degrease and clean the surface and will leave behind a protective layer which is water repellant, heat resistant and prevents dirt from attaching to the bike. It can be used on plastics, glass, painted metal, chrome, and carbon fibre and is also UV resistant to help reduce discolouration. It comes with two cloths designed to work with the Liquid Film at £12.99 SRP for 130ml or £21.99 SRP for 300ml bottles. Spare cloths are £3.49 SRP for a pack of two.

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