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Putoline 2 stroke oil remains a massive sector

Despite the shift by many motorcycle manufacturers to replace two stroke models with four stroke equivalent machines, Putoline are still extremely strong with sales of 2 stroke oils.

They have reported a recent sales increase of their huge range of 14 different 2 stroke oils. This trend seems to be continuing to grow as more and more European bike manufacturers continue to increase production of 2 stroke models.

Manufacturers such as KTM, Gas Gas, Beta, Ossa, Husqvarna and others are resisting the pressure to go 100% 4 stroke and continue to supply a large sector of 2 stroke models within their range. Putoline firmly believe that this is due to the high initial cost price of 4 strokes plus servicing costs coupled with the complications of home servicing and repairs of most models. So because of these reasons many riders feel more comfortable with a 2 stroke bike in their shed.

Putoline have also noticed a shift in buying patterns within both the 2 and 4 stroke lubricant market and this has been quite an interesting discovery for them. The fact is that the sales of their top end oils such as MX9 and the Nano Tech range has increased tremendously and although the rest of the range continues to remain strong the sales of high end products are catching up at a fast rate. During previous recessional times the trend was to use a quality brand of lubricant but a lower to mid range product. However, during the current economic climate people are deciding to protect their investment by ensuring the very finest of products available.  

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