Friday, June 14, 2024

Pyramid MT09 parts

Pyramid has new additions to its range for Yamaha’s latest MT09. There’s a swish new 3D printed blanking block to close off the hole left when the pillion pegs are removed. They tidy up the rear end of the bike and also provide an integral mounting for the brake fluid reservoir. SRP is £35 for a pair.
To keep the svelte new rear end clean there is a new hugger with an integrated chainguard. It’s made from 3mm matt black ABS and is considerably larger than the OE item to provide increased protection for the rear shock and the underside of the bike. SRP is £85.99.
Finally, a radiator guard adds protection for the delicate and expensive radiator. Made from black powder-coated aluminium, the guard comes with a full fitting kit for an SRP of £50.
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