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Rider equipment for the 2024 motorbike season

Just in time for the start of the season, a new brand joins the Parts Europe portfolio:

John Doe, one of the top brands for motorcycle clothing, has been designing motorcycle clothing for bikers who prefer a casual and urban look without compromising on safety.

Since 2001, the company from Flörsheim near Mainz (DE) uses the latest technologies in motorcycle gear bringing technical innovations under the in house brand XTM®.

“Every seam, every pocket, every single centimeter of fabric has been thought through down to the last detail and tested under maximum loads before it goes out on the road…”

XTM Fiber®, developed by John Doe, is the fabric which is made up of an outer extremely abrasion resistant layer of DuPont ™ Kevlar ® fibers and an integrated Lycra® stretch component, ensuring a perfect balance between the best possible protection and maximum comfort.

The TWOLAYER WITH XTM FIBER® also has a breathable Coolmax® blended fiber on the inside, which has a temperature regulating effect on the body climate.

Knee, hip, and back XTM® protectors can easily be added to the pants, shirts, or jackets for even better protection in the event of a fall. Pleasantly light and slim in design, these flat guards are 100% made from polyurethane: this viscoelastic foam adapt s flexibly to every movement and has extremely good shock absorbing properties, even in the event of a high speed impact.

“We know it makes a difference when you feel just as well dressed on a motorcycle as you do in everyday life.”

Starting March 2024, the very first John Doe gear selection will be available through the Parts Europe dealers’ network and will only be the anticipation of an extended range of products, coming your way very soon.

Discover the collection here

The urban design of John Doe’s riding gear for men and women can also be perfectly complemented at Parts Europe with the quality helmets from the Italian manufacturer Premier, which have been available at Parts Europe since last year.

Premier helmets are state of the art for comfort and safety that go hand in hand, using innovative shell molding technology, the ultra-light shells of all Premier helmets are manufactured with the integrated Air Flux System. AFSAFS: ensures an optimum temperature in the helmet by means of ventilation shafts, even under extreme conditions.

The ergonomic inner lining ensures that the helmet fits securely and is made of breathable, washable materials to ensure maximum comfort. The special cheek pads made from foams of different densities are laser microperforated and thermoformed to enhance comfort.

In terms of design, the Premier helmets from the Trophy , Vintage, and JT5 series are the perfect complement to the urban riding style. Depending on preference, riders can find the right open face helmet here or go for the stylish full-face helmets in the Trophy series.

The 16 different designs in the Vintage series impress with their stylish retro design in “rockabilly style”. The red haired pin up girl sitting on a bomb, for example, adorned American bombers of the 1940s and 1950s in this style other versions, such as the Vintage Star series, are directly reminiscent of the helmets worn by fighter jet pilots of the time. The visor, which can be retracted into the shell, is very practical. When it is not needed, it disappears out of sight inside the helmet.

The Trophy, a full-face helmet with a retro look, combines authentic flair with a sporty feel. The fit promises a reliable fit even at high speeds. The lining has a leather look on the outside but is silky smooth on the inside which is also pleasant on hot days.

The Premier JT5 is ideal for those who prefer a more modern look but still want to feel the wind around their nose. This Open Face Touring motorcycle helmet is the pinnacle of innovation and style. The jet helmet comes with the option of a shell with genuine carbon technology, which combines carbon fiber, aramid resin and epoxy resin and ensures optimum shock absorption.

The interior, like all other Premier helmets, features a sanitized, hypoallergenic lining that is fully removable and washable for everyday comfort. Equipped with a micrometric buckle closure, a scratch resistant transparent screen and an integrated, retractable, smoke colored sunshade, it seamlessly combines safety and elegance. With smart Bluetooth technology, this helmet takes urban riding to a new level. The JT5 is a lightweight yet protective choice for riders looking for both functionality and fashion.

See the urban style Premier helmets and the complete collection
here on the Parts Europe website.

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