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Riser launches biggest update yet in collaboration with Cardo

RISER, the ultimate motorcycle all-in-one community platform, designed to connect riders worldwide and provide the best routes to explore, is launching its biggest ever update, following its acquisition by Cardo Systems earlier this year.

Launched on November 20, the #RISERnextgen will be the platform’s most significant update ever, bringing new and improved free features, as well as great additions and updates to the paid ‘Pro’ version. While RISER may now be ‘powered by Cardo’, users can take advantage of its features and benefits without the use of a communication device.

#RISERnextgen, will bring a comprehensive set of features to users, enabling riders to make the very most of the platform’s route planning and navigation, as well as being able to preview, share, download, and view all manner of features.

For the free version, and aside from the standard features, that allow users to plan a route, share, select type of ride (curvy or fastest) and select time of travel, the latest version adds additional functionality, including:

  • Route planning with waypoints (available via the web & app)
  • Ability to skip waypoints and new roundtrip options
  • Updated cross-platform trip sharing (WhatsApp, Instagram etc.)
  • New local challenges
  • Load planned routes by simply scanning a QR code

For Pro users, the updates go even further, bringing all the free features, but adding greater flexibility and the ability to customize the user experience even more so, including:

  • Enhanced usability and functionality to share routes outside of RISER
  • All new ReWind functionality to relive your trips via an interactive 3D map
  • Route Planner with 3D mode Enhanced Supercurvy routing engine
  • PackRide – connected riding with improved connectivity, unique to RISER
  • GPX-Export functionality

Update today for your Free 14 day Pro version. Just scan the QR code:

Tel: 0161494 4200
Email: [email protected]


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