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Schuberth R2 and C4 for Spring 2017

The R2 full-face and the C4 flip-front helmets will be enabled for Bluetooth communication and radio reception as standard. It comes with an integrated aerial, two speakers, a microphone and slots to take the new optional communication system SC1 that was developed in collaboration with SENA. Both helmets were developed in the Schuberth Air and Acoustics Laboratory. The R2 is designed to appeal to riders of a wide range of bikes including Hyper Sports, it has a Double-D strap fastener and cheek pads that can be removed from the outside in the event of an emergency. It will be available in sizes XS-XXL in solid colours at £349.99 SRP with graphics at £419.99 SRP. The C4 has a glass-fibre matrix shell and high-impact absorbing EPS liner with a proprietary Anti-Roll-Off System. Sizes are XS-XXXL, solid colours are ££549.99 SRP with a choice two graphics at £599.99 SRP.
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